What is it that attracts people to slot machines?

There’s no denying it — the bright, flashing lights, the bells and chimes, and the sound of coins falling and churning as people win — no matter where a slot machine may be, they attract attention.

So how much fun would your next party be if you had a real conversation piece your guests could actually play with while they’re talking about it?

At One Arm Gambler, we take pride in making sure our customers have the slot machine they’ve dreamed of for their home, and since we are a family-owned business based in Arizona, our focus is on Arizona customers — companies, small businesses, and especially the discerning home consumer.

I had begun to worry that my vintage slot machine would never be able to work again, but the guys at One Arm Gambler are magicians! This machine has been in my family for 50 years, and to hear it working again and to know that it will still be working for my grandkids some day is a joy to me.

Home Slot Machines is a strong, growing niche, both amongst collectors of vintage machines and for the Baby Boomers who want something a little different from what their friends have — and that means the need for conscientious and experienced technicians to keep those unique machines maintained and operating properly is growing.

That’s where the owners and technicians at One Arm Gambler step in.

Since 1993, One Arm Gambler has been providing quality service for Arizona’s home slot machine owners and novelty party suppliers. We have been maintaining, repairing and building home slot machines while still providing quality customer service, even to the point of cleaning up or repairing machines that were never sold from our shop!

Do you have an idea for a custom slot machine? We can help you build it.

Do you have a vintage slot machine in need of restoration? Let us take a look at it.

Do you have a machine that you’d like to convert from tokens to coins, or vice versa? We can do that.

Do you have a machine that needs a minor tune up, or a major overhaul? We can do that, too.

See more details at One Arm Gambler — then make plans to visit the shop to get your dream machine repaired, or order a custom designed gift for a loved one or a party!

We’re here for you.